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Guidelines for the AMFA Local 18 Scholarship Fund


AMFA Local 18 has established a scholarship fund to help offset the cost of continuing education for its members and their dependents.

Scholarship Amounts

Five (5) scholarships will be awarded each year in the amount of $1,000.00 US each for a total of $5,000.00 US each year.


The scholarship fund will be administered by the AMFA Local 18 LEC.


To be eligible for a scholarship award, the applicant must either be:

  1. an active member of AMFA Local 18 in good standing
  2. the husband, wife or legal dependent of an active member of AMFA Local 18 in good standing

The applicant must also be either:

  1. a full-time student of an accredited college, university, community college, private institute or trade school with a minimum GPA of 2.5 (based on a 4.0 scale), or
  2. a high school graduate with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 (based on a 4.0 grade point scale) at the time the application for scholarship is submitted and who has been accepted (full time student) to an accredited educational institution, or
  3. a dependent in the final year of high school with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 (based on a 4.0 grade point scale) and who has been accepted to an accredited education institution by the end of the award year (full time student), or
  4. a member of Local 18 enrolled in an accredited educational institution on a part-time basis with a minimum GPA of 2.5 (based on a 4.0 scale)

Educational Institutions

Colleges, universities, community colleges and trade schools qualify as educational institutions.  The institution must be accredited with the state, federal or recognized educational accreditation agency.

Application Process

Applications for the scholarship program will be available on the AMFA Local 18 website ( each year that the scholarship program is in force.

All applications must be received by the AMFA Local 18 Local Executive Council no later than Monday,

June 13, 2022, to qualify for the drawing being held in that same year. Only one application can be filed each year per person.  However, if a member has multiple individuals in their household that meet the eligibility requirements of this program, all qualifying individuals may apply.

The duration of an awarded scholarship is for one (1) year.  Individuals who are awarded a scholarship one year may reapply the following year providing that they continue to meet the program eligibility requirements.

Members may mail applications to the AMFA Local 18 at PO Box 71 Deer Park, TX 77536


 Method of Selection    

A random drawing from a pool of eligible applicants to determine which individuals are to be awarded a scholarship shall be held at the regularly scheduled Local 18 general membership meeting in July of each year.


Applications will be reviewed by the Local 18 LEC prior to the drawing.  Applicants/sponsors will be notified if an applicant is disqualified from consideration for receiving a scholarship by the email address provided on application.  Applicants/sponsors may check the Local 18 website after July 1, 2021, to view a list of all eligible applicants.

Procedure for Scholarship Payment

Every individual awarded a scholarship must provide proof to the Local 18 LEC that said individual is enrolled or is currently attending an accredited educational institution. A certified copy of the most current transcript reflecting the applicant’s course of studies and grade point average must be sent and approved by Local 18 LEC for each awarded applicant prior to receiving the award payment.  The LEC has exclusive and final authority to construe the provisions of this scholarship program.

It shall be understood by all parties that the intent of this scholarship program is to assist individuals in paying for expenses related to attending an educational institution as described above.  Individuals awarded a scholarship acknowledge that failure to provide proof of enrollment or ongoing attendance at an accredited institution effective no later than December 1st of the year in which the scholarship is awarded will cause the scholarship to be forfeited.

If the LEC is satisfied that the awarded individual meets the criteria for payment of the scholarship, the LEC shall direct the Treasurer of Local 18 to issue a check to the name of the individual.  All checks will be delivered or mailed to, and signed for, by the awarded individual’s sponsor.

The Local and its officers shall not be liable for any action taken or omitted by them in good faith in administering this scholarship program.

Tax Filing Requirement

Member and/or applicant understand that the Internal Revenue Service may consider the scholarship awarded under this program to be taxable.  Each individual who receives a scholarship award is responsible for any taxes owed as a result of such award and is advised to check with his/her tax preparer to determine if the awarded scholarship should be reported for tax purposes.  AMFA Local 18 shall not be responsible for any taxes, fees or fines related to receiving this award.

The Local 18 LEC is excited to announce the eligible Local 18 2022 Scholarship Winners! The LEC would like to congratulate each student and best wishes for academic success in the future!
Download: Scholarship Award Announcement 2022.pdf
Local 18 Members attached are the eligible applicants for the 2022 Local 18 Scholarship Program. We will be drawing 5 applicants at random at the next General Membership Meeting on 14 July, 2022 at the Double Tree hotel.
Download: Scholarship Eligible AMFA 2022.pdf
Please find the attached posting.
Download: Scholarship post 2022.pdf
AMFA Local 18 2021 Scholarship Winners.
Local 18 Members, Attached are the eligible applicants for the 2021 Local 18 Scholarship Progam. We will be drawing 5 Applicants at random at the next General Membership Meeting on 22 July, 2021 at the Double Tree hotel.
Download: Scholarship Eligible AMFA 2021.pdf

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